What you are looking at is an "Old School Style" New York City Graffiti Mop©. Built to last and to bomb on any surface. The drips are incredible and the nib is 1+ inches wide! The nib is made from the toughest softest felt, for maximum ink absorption and flow. Comes with instructions on how to fill and maintain your New York City Mop©.
If you are a serious graffiti bomber that likes to use ink, have drips and wide tags, then this is IT! All the NYC "Bombing" Mops© are exactly the same, hand crafted with the same high quality "Super Tough" felt strip for the nib for maximum durability. This marker can last for years, if you use it correctly, nothing can compare to the high quality and durability of this product. Marker SHIPS EMPTY, that way you can fill the NYC MOP© up with some Garvey, Marsh, Grog, Do Em Dirty, etc; (or your favorite dye type ink) and your tags will drip like crazy!
Warning!!! The NYC MOP can be copied and it may look the same. But, it will never be as good as the original that is being sold on this site. Anyone can get the housing for a marker. But, it is the nib that actually makes a marker and if you don't have the right materials, then you will not get good results. Beware of the imitators!


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